DUI Expungement in New York: Clearing Your Criminal Record

A DUI on your criminal record can have long-lasting consequences, affecting your personal and professional life. DUI expungement allows you to clear your record and move forward in New York. This step-by-step guide will help you understand the process and determine if you are eligible for DUI expungement in New York.

Determine Your Eligibility for DUI Expungement

Before you can begin expunging your DUI record, you must first determine if you are eligible. In New York, you may qualify for expungement if:

  • Your DUI conviction is more than ten years old
  • You have not been convicted of any other crimes within the past ten years
  • You have completed all court-ordered requirements, such as probation, community service, and payment of fines

If you meet these criteria, you can proceed with the DUI expungement process. It's important to note that New York does not offer expungement for felony DUI convictions.

Obtain a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities or a Certificate of Good Conduct

Before applying for DUI expungement, you must obtain a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities or a Certificate of Good Conduct. These certificates demonstrate that you have been rehabilitated and are now a responsible, law-abiding citizen. To obtain one of these certificates, you must:

  • Complete an application
  • Provide documentation of your criminal history
  • Submit letters of recommendation from community members or employers

Once you have obtained one of these certificates, you can proceed with the DUI expungement process.

File a Motion to Vacate the Conviction

You can now file a motion to vacate the conviction with your certificate. This motion asks the court to remove the DUI conviction from your criminal record. You will need to provide: the following.

  • A copy of your certificate
  • A written statement explaining why you believe the conviction should be expunged
  • Any additional supporting documentation

After you have submitted your motion, the court will review your request and determine whether to grant the expungement.

Attend a Court Hearing (If Necessary)

Sometimes, the court may require a hearing to determine whether your DUI conviction should be expunged. During this hearing, you can present your case and explain why you believe the sentence should be removed from your record. The judge will then make a decision based on the evidence presented.

Receive the Court's Decision

Once the court has reviewed your motion and held a hearing (if necessary), you will receive a decision on your DUI expungement request. If the court grants the expungement, your DUI conviction will be removed from your criminal record, and you can move forward without the burden of a DUI conviction.

Understanding the DUI expungement process in New York can be complex, and having an experienced attorney is crucial. At Maryam Jahedi Law Firm P.C., we specialize in DUI Expungement in New York and can help you navigate the process to clear your criminal record.

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