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Weapons charge penalties in New York can be quite severe, especially when it comes to illegal firearm possession and use. New York has some of the strictest positions on weapons in the entire nation. It’s important that you understand that a “weapon” is not only guns and firearms. “Weapons” also include explosives, ammunition, dart guns, knives, stun guns, knuckles, as well as swords.

New York’s strict laws can easily catch those who own weapons off-guard, especially when they hold out-of-state permits. In New York, out-of-state permits are not considered valid; therefore, even a permit holder can face harsh charges for illegally possessing a weapon. Occasionally, people can even face charges simply for being in proximity of illegal weapons, even if it does not belong to them. It’s important that you have an experienced NYC weapons charges attorney to defend you from these stringent laws. New York Penal Law allows for varying penalties and punishments dependent upon the specific facts in the weapons offense, with many penalties call for a minimum mandatory prison sentence.

It’s important to remember that every case is unique, and the specific circumstances of your arrest, any prior convictions, and a number of other factors will also play a strong role in determining your case’s outcome. Maryam Jahedi, New York weapons charges attorney is here to help assess your options and will always fight for your best interests.

When charged with criminal possession of a weapon, the accused can benefit immensely from the services of an experienced NYC weapons charges attorney. In order to avoid the most severe penalties and to have the best chance of charges being dropped or reduced, you need an experienced, knowledgeable New York City weapons charges attorney on your side. Based in New York City, Jahedi Law serves the NYC-metro region, including QueensBronxBrooklyn and Manhattan. Jahedi Law is your premier New York weapons charges lawyer solution. We provide legal counsel for traditional crimes, white collar crime and post-conviction. Call our New York City law offices at 646-828-8890 24/7 for a free telephone consultation, or contact us online.