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Charged With Money Laundering? We Can Help.

Conspiracy and other money laundering charges are a common tool used by prosecutors to more easily convict defendants in white collar criminal cases. The penalties carried in money laundering are quite severe and oftentimes involve jail time and either returning the money or replacing the money with valuable assets owned by the defendant. The consequences of a money laundering charge are innumerable and will carry a long-term impact. In order to avoid or alleviate this impact, it’s important to have an experienced New York City money laundering defense attorney on your side.

Money laundering charges initially came about to help root out drug lords and other organized crime, however they have made their way into everyday cases, such as tax evasion and fraud. How the charge is brought about is based on the fact that money was deposited into your bank account. Money laundering typically involves transporting money from one place to a more legitimate place. Conceptually, this is done to hide money from being discovered and to redirect from how it was initially received. Disguising money in this way is usually assumed to be due to illegal activities like drug trafficking.

In order to avoid the most severe penalties and to have the best chance in fighting the charges against you, you need an experienced, knowledgeable New York City money laundering criminal defense attorney on your side. Based in New York City, Maryam Jahedi Law Firm serves the NYC-metro region, including Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Maryam Jahedi Law Firm is your premier New York money laundering lawyer solution. We provide legal counsel for traditional crimes, white collar crimes and post-conviction representations. Please contact our money laundering lawyer today for your legal consultation.

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