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A strategic defense against a criminal charge or a positive resolution to your divorce or family law case starts with an experienced lawyer. Maryam Jahedi Law Firm P.C., provides personal attention right from the beginning, with 24/7 availability for all criminal defense clients. Our law firm focuses on divorce, family law and criminal defense counsel in the New York City metropolitan area.

From OFAC-related representation to federal and New York State criminal defense for violent and non-violent crimes, Maryam Jahedi utilizes her experience and skills to fight for her clients. In addition to defending against criminal charges, Maryam Jahedi advocates for her clients in various family law and divorce matters.

Choose an Experienced and Knowledgeable Criminal Lawyer to Protect Your Freedom

Obtaining the right criminal defense attorney in New York is critical to the outcome of your case. A skilled lawyer can help with many issues involved with your case, including:
  • Explain the charges against you and discuss your options.
  • Explain what defenses you might have.
  • Tell you if there is a lesser charge the prosecutor may consider.
  • Explain what kind of sentence you might get if convicted.
  • Tell you whether and how you could avoid a criminal record through alternative measures.
  • Help you understand the legal documents and the complex criminal justice procedure and defend you at your criminal trial.

Take steps immediately to get the defense you need.

How We Can Help With Your OFAC Case

  • Provide legal guidance on OFAC related issues.
  • Provide legal guidance on obtaining OFAC licenses and disclosures to transfer funds to and from countries with US imposed sanctions.
  • Defend individuals facing OFAC investigations.
  • Assist in removal of individuals or businesses from OFAC’s Specially Designated National (SDN) List.
  • Represent individuals or businesses in applications to unblock assets blocked by OFAC due to sanctions.

What We Can Do For Your Divorce & Family Law Matter

  • Handle all of your family law and divorce issues for you including, separation agreements, child custody and visitation, along with child and spousal support agreements.
  • Help you in the extremely emotional process of going through a divorce and ensure your rights are protected.
  • Negotiate on your behalf and evaluate settlement offers.
  • Represent you and guide you through unanticipated legal issues that can arise in any particular marriage.

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We are here to discuss the details of your criminal charges, divorce or family law matter? Free phone case evaluations. Reach out to Maryam Jahedi Law Firm, P.C., for immediate assistance. We are available 24/7 for all criminal matters. Call today – 646-828-8890.
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