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Sex crimes are among the most horrific in our society. Victims are violated and left deeply scarred, both physically and psychologically. When the victims are children, those wounds–and the public horror–are even worse. That is as it should be. What should not be assumed however, is that every person accused of these crimes is guilty. A New York City sex crimes lawyer must be there to ensure a defendant’s rights are protected and they get the fair trial that is guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

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Types of Sexual Crimes in New York

Article 130 of New York penal law covers the different types of sex crimes, from the conditions that must be present to the penalties that a conviction can bring. Charges for sexual assault and rape are the most common–these involve sexual contact without the consent of the other person. It’s not uncommon for these crimes to also involve assault, which can increase the charges brought against the defendant.

Other crimes can include prostitution–the selling of sexual favors for money or other forms of consideration. The person who oversees a ring of prostitutes can be charged with trafficking. Sex crimes also cover everything from public lewdness to indecent exposure to voyeurism.

Any of these charges can become more severe if the victim in question is a minor. This includes statutory rape where the sexual encounter may be voluntary, but the defendant is an adult, and the victim is 17 years old or younger. Forcible touching is an offense. The possession, production, and distribution of child pornography is a felony crime under the New York code.

Sexual offenses against minors can involve a wide range of possible charges. For one, any of the above offenses can be elevated to include this charge if the alleged victim is a minor. Statutory rape is when someone 18 years of age or older has sexual relations–even voluntary ones–with someone under that age. Inappropriate relationships between a teacher and student can fall under this category.

The Penalties for Sex Crimes

The penalty for conviction of a sex crime in New York will depend on several factors, starting with which specific crime the defendant was charged with. Authorities will also consider the circumstances in which the crime was committed–was there violence or some other form of aggravating factor involved? Was the victim someone who could be considered physically helpless or disabled? And what sort of criminal history does the defendant have?

Charges for sex crimes in New York will be at least to the level of a Class B misdemeanor, which may result in 90 days in jail. Going one level higher to a Class A misdemeanor can mean a year behind bars. Then we get to the range of felony convictions.

Based on all the considerations noted above, authorities could opt for anything from a Class E felony at the low end to a Class A felony on the high end, with three more levels in between. The range can be anything from 18 months behind bars to going away for life.

Furthermore, a conviction means being required to register with the State of New York as a sex offender. Depending on the circumstances, the registry can be available to the public, meaning one’s neighbors can be aware of a defendant’s past. If the conviction was for a felony charge, there will be some type of post-release supervision ordered by the court.

All of which is to say that not only are the penalties for conviction severe, the challenges of starting fresh after a prison term can be imposing. All of which makes the role of a New York City sex crimes lawyer even more important.

Maryam Jahedi Law Firm P.C. has the experience necessary to craft a legal defense strategy and the fighting spirit necessary to carry out in talks with the District Attorney and in front of a jury. Call our New York City office today at (646) 798-7118 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

Sex Crime Defense Strategies

Public opinion can rush to judgment against someone accused of a sex crime. This can unfortunately even include a defendant’s neighbors, friends, and family. But the good news is this–the State of New York may not rush to judgment. Every defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law. Their guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. A unanimous vote from 12 jurors is affirming this level of proof is required for a conviction.

What that means is a New York City sex crimes attorney that is committed to a fair process and ready to fight hard for their client’s freedom, reputation and future may have viable defense strategies.

For example, the commission of a sex crime will quite likely leave DNA evidence behind. A person who is falsely accused may be able to point to the lack of their DNA at the crime scene. Even if the defendant’s DNA was present, there can be other reasons that a jury must be made aware of.

It’s also possible that a sexual encounter charged as rape was actually consensual. This type of “their word against yours” is more of a burden for the prosecution than it is for the defense. It is the prosecution’s responsibility, after all, to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A smart defense lawyer can make sure to remind the jury of this.

The job of law enforcement to prove a defendant’s guilt is harder than many people may realize. That’s why it’s imperative for any accused, or even under suspicion of a sex crime to call and get good legal counsel in their corner.

Maryam Jahedi Law Firm P.C. has spent over a decade fighting for the rights of people across all five boroughs here in New York City. If you or someone you love needs help fighting a sex crimes charge, please know that we aren’t here to judge–we’re here to fight for the constitutional rights of defendants.

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