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Violent crimes can often times be difficult to successfully defend against, so it’s imperative that you hire an experienced, top New York City violent crimes attorney to fight for you. “Violent crimes” include homicide/murder, rape, assault, robbery, theft, carjacking and manslaughter. With these charges, your entire future is at risk, and it’s not worth it to take a gamble simply hoping for the best. Maryam Jahedi will work for sentence reductions or a dismissal to reduce the potential of harsh penalties.

There are many things considered when asking for a sentence reduction. The court will look at how severe the injuries were, whether a weapon was used, the relationship to the victim, and what potential motives and intentions were behind the criminal activity. Many times, these arrests are due to the police reacting without investigating first. This means that you might be charged without getting the chance to give your side of the story. A knowledgeable NYC violent crimes attorney can help you to tell your story and resolve your case.

Being charged with a violent crime can be extremely upsetting–especially if you believe you’ve been wrongfully accused or if there were outlying circumstances that need to be considered. You are not alone in this battle, and Maryam Jahedi has the experience necessary to help resolve your violent crime case in the most successful manner possible.

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In order to avoid the most severe penalties and to have the best chance of charges being dropped or reduced, you need an experienced, knowledgeable New York City violent crimes attorney on your side. Based in New York City, Jahedi Law serves the NYC-metro region, including Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Jahedi Law is your premier New York violent crimes lawyer solution. We provide legal counsel for traditional crimes, white collar crime and post-conviction. Call our Manhattan law offices at 646-828-8890 24/7 for a free telephone consultation, or contact us online.